17 December 2009

I'm singin' in the sunshine

Lightening the hues of the housework blues,
with a jazzy lilt
and a merry tilt to the chin,
here we go:

Summer sun
you are the one
for me.

Summer air -
from way up there
in the sky so truly hugely blue -
you float down
to me.

Your balmy embrace
soothes my upturned face,
and I'm in love with you.

My flat is clean,
my work is done.
For the next three weeks
all I'm gonna do is have fun.
This afternoon in the gathering gloom
clouds'll pleat,
lightning'll flash, thunder'll crash,
rain will rinse away the heat.

Oh, sunshiny day,
you're the best gift our climate can give;
you make everything wanna live, live, LIVE.

Your balm-y charms
fill my outstretched arms,
and I'm in love with you.

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