07 August 2013

I'm still thinking

On appearance, other than the reading updates it may seem as if this blog has fallen dormant, as if it has burrowed down and is sleeping through a winter of many months. 

But it’s still breathing, and it’s on my mind on an almost daily basis, accompanied with a rarely satisfied urge to write something for myself. I was going to make a generalisation and say, ‘I guess this is what happens when one’s day job is closely related to one’s creative impulses and interests,’ but authors such as Anne Michaels and Ivan Vladislavić, and others I’m sure, are living proof to the contrary. 

So I’ll speak for myself and say, without including myself in the category of author, ‘I guess this is what has happened: My day job is closely related to my creative impulses and interests to the extent that doing the former seems to be robbing me of time and brain power with which to fulfil the latter.’ It’s a sad and frustrating state of affairs, but like many others in life I have the power to change it. And I will. Dust is quick to stir up but slow to settle; however, at some point some of my thoughts will come into focus.

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